Hackney travelled to Harlequinns for week 3 of the 2012-13 season with expectations probably shading the high side. The previous week had seen Hackney 100 point victors over Hendon and Quinns on the wrong side of a 135 point trouncing by Belsize Park. The result was no cricket score, but a rather comfortable 55-8 away victory. Hackney were far superior in the lineout and at the break-down, shaded the scrum and have a new crop of backs who only require the slightest of platforms to cut their opponents to ribbons.

The first try came on the ten minute mark following twenty phases of sustained possession. James Dawson, delivering a man of the match performance in his final game for the club, looked like he had been hit hard in the centres, but managed to stay on his feet, drawing in two more defenders in the process. O'Hara followed his pass round and after quick ball generated by Dawson fired a bullet to Ben Weller over by the touch line. Weller executed the two on one with aplomb allowing an easy score for Davis in the corner.
Hackney should have had a second soon after when Rooke drew in the Quinns right guard with a deft late pass and released Bowers around the corner. Showing no adverse effects from an enormous hit received the week before he sat the body guard down with a powerful straight arm and bore through on the Quinns' back line. The onrushing defence seemed more confused than outwitted by the comical hitch kick that followed, but it was effective never the less and only poor support prevented what would have been a very fine try.
Hackney did not have to wait long to add to their tally. With 23 mins gone O'Hara attacked the space between 10 and 12. Both defenders were drawn in when the offload out of the tackle found Dawson, nothing was going to stop him.

Next would come the first of back to back tries from Ben Jones, the Hackney hooker. The first was not one that easily lends itself to adjectives. Consistent Hackney pressure, notably a series of tight carries from full back Carroll, who following some fairly unconventional pre-match preparation, was evidently getting a bit bored on his own at the back. The Quinns defence eventually yielded, Jones proving just too powerful to stop from one yard out after 38 minutes.
In the second half Hackney played down the slight hill and against tired legs switched to a more open style of rugby. Jones' second was probably Hackney's best from a purists perspective. Bowers hit the tail of the lineout and in a flash the ball was down to Rooke and in Dawson's hands. He did what James Dawson does and smashed through the gain line producing perfect quick ball for Hackney's gas men to attack the broken line. O'Hara moved the ball to the left wing where Davis made good yards before finding flanker Chamberlain on the inside. The speed of play was simply too much for Quinns and they could not get their blindside guard up in time to stop Jones slipping through the tight spaces for a relative marathon 20 yard run in. The fourth coming after 45 minutes, secured the bonus point and effectively the game.
Keen to send a message, Hackney did not stop there. Rooke, who had his man under his thumb all game long pounced on the hapless Quinns 9, who was trying to clear from a scrum. The ball spilled into the open field and Chamberlain, first to react, gathered and carried to the line before offloading to Weller. In what can only be regarded as a pre-match agreement between Bowers and Weller to swap moves, Weller disregarded the 40 yards of space outside and rhinoed the Quinns fullback. A decision that would have been laughable had it not resulted in a try under the posts and a defender in a crumpled heap in the dead ball area.

A special mention goes to Dave Huxley, who had his best game for the first team, carrying and scrummaging well, though 63 minutes in is no time to be getting cramp! In typically selfless spirit Mills moved himself into the row and scrummaged excellently for the remainder of the game.

There was still time for four further scores. Quinns got on the board after an interesting substitution decision put Guy Halfhead in at 13. Guy, not exactly a natural 13 left slightly too much space on the outside and was rounded by the pacey Quinns outside centre. Saad came to the rescue, but was deemed to have done so illegally and was awarded a 10 minute rest.

Quinns showed good spirit and power and were eventually able to find a chink in the Hackney defence and drove over from short range. This prompted a slightly knee jerk attempt by coach Scanlan to move Bowers, normally a hooker, into the 13 channel. Perhaps Weller, now on the sideline, had told him about the skills switch.
Back to the game. 68 mins in and Dawson found Davis with what, because it was his last game, we're going to call a skillfully executed bounce past and Davis used his excellent footwork to stand up the Quinns defence and get down in the corner for his second of the match.
Jamie Olsen then had the moment all props dread. Marooned in the 10.5 channel in a perfect line between 9 and 12. Wilkinson attempted an outrageous swerve pass (if you've seen Wanted you'll have an idea what I mean), but Olsen's frame proved slightly too muscular and the ball bounced forwards. Scrum to Quinns and Olsen, like all good players do, duly made amends with the first scrum against the head. Bowers picked quickly and presented well. O'Hara, unkindly missing out Chamberlain hit a flat miss pass straight to touchline. Charlie gathered off the floor and in what is becoming a trade mark move, stepped his winger for his first hat trick of the season.
There was still time for Saad, returning fresh from his rest, to extend his lead at the top of the try scoring table. Wilkinson, possibly also bored of the standard ebb and flow of rugby, or perhaps distractedly lamenting the omission of a decent tanning machine from an otherwise excellently stocked changing room, spiced up the scrum by bouncing it in from 5 yards away. Several ricochets later and O'Hara had hit Saad from deep. He was too powerful and his feet were too quick for the tired defence as he left 3 men floundering before dotting down between the sticks to end the game.