Hackney Thirds arrived at Old Millhillians for their last league outing of the season. With the league title already claimed the Gogs desperately wanted to finish out the league with a win. The visitors started strongly with some well worked phases in the pack, only to be frustrated with turnovers and loose ball spilling. The Will Roberts with his thundering, relentless charges focused the Hackneys 3rd XV. Spells of pressure saw Will dash over the line. Growing confidence saw the ball spin wider and the backs attacked relentlessly, creating space for hackney to target. Storming breaks from Darren, Josh and Damien kept the tempo of the game in Hackneys favor. Hackneys scores didn’t go unanswered, the hosts created two well worked tries that reminded the Gogs of their constant threat. Great linking up and keeping the ball alive within the pack in the loose helped the so far dominant Hackney side work up the pitch keep the pressure on. A solid first half performance came to a close. The second half began and the Gogs scrum continued to go from strength to strength, with Pete “1 to 15” Walsham standing in hooker, Jamie and Matthieu getting the better of their opposite numbers, and John Young and Will Roberts in the engine room, plenty of Old Millhillians scrums. were turned over. Well worked scores were exchanged, and Arif was extremely unlucky not to cross the line himself. a 5 meter line out for hackney saw a maul cross the line, Jamie making the final hard earned touch down. With 20 mins to go a weary and hard run set of gogs started to falter, prolonged defensive work took its toll. Sustained pressure forced hackney errors uncharacteristic of the gogs so far. This defiant Old Millhillians resurgence saw them cross the line for a number of speedy tries. The rattled Gogs for a spell couldn’t contain the powerful OM backs as the defense scrambled aimlessly. Time was against Old Millhillians and a series of still powerful Hackney scrums saw the clock wind down. The league had come to an end. Hackney had outscored Old Millhillians. The Mighty Gogs had topped their table. In two weeks time Hackney welcome Old Millhillians to Fortress Spring Hill for their cup semi final. We eagerly look forward to the challenge.