This glorious club: An open ended project, a live, organic piece of art work more nuanced than a Morandi, a story more layered and complex than a Tolstoy. A twisting, turning tale of endeavour, an expression of all that it is to be human; order in conflict with chaos; the joy of the unpredictable, played out from toppling presidents to triumphal turn overs, the vain inexorable desire for perfection, the discovery of our limits and our limitlessness. On the field from the void of existence a character is carved out, a character three years in the making: familiar but unique, a collective imperfection, incomplete but beautiful-the mighty Gogs! On a day blessed with the promise of spring Hackney 3's beat a strong Hemel side to win the league title. Long live Hackney!

MOTM: Will Roberts: A strong pack performance was lead by Will. He instigated much of the forward momentum that created opportunities for the team. Played out of position he was clearly suffering in the second row but continued throughout without complaint.

Special Mention: We all hope Kazeem Olayimka is ok after suffering a bad shoulder injury near the end of the game. We wish him a speedy recovery so he can play a part in the final stage of the Gog's season.