The return away fixture after a handsome home win has never been an easy prospect.
A vaguely familiar Old Ashmolian side in much better health than the seasons first encounter. Some familiar faces recovered from wounds incurred in the first leg, and a nine ten axis that surely was sorely missed when they arrived to hackney only 11 strong less three months ago.

Hackney arrived in strong form and rude health - the whole side assembled in the cold, before the chilly old Totonian clubhouse was opened. A weeks rest after their finest win of the season, surely they had found their form for the season?

Come kickoff the sun was low and to Hackney's back. Quickly conceding from kickoff they knew they knew they needed to waken up.
More easy concessions in the first half before they showed some resolve. A good forward drive let the backs go wide with Phil Walsh scoring Hackney's only points.

the half back axis in the hosts artillery riped the hackney side asunder, as the visitors they became more weary and injury stricken. A bleak end to a great 2012 for the Mighty Gogs. If 2013 has half the successes of 2012 we are in for a mighty good time.