Stanford le Hope arrived on a beautiful Sunday morning with 12 players and one retired (from rugby, not life). They had one play which was figured out pretty quickly- Pass the ball to their number 8. Not that it helped as Gladie after Gladie bounced off her.

The Gladies were fired up, keen to prove how good we are after our close match with Hampstead as demostrated by Jo our cracking new prop catching there first kick and storming through their line, stamping her way through Stanford!

It seemed like the whole game was made up of try following try, there were 3 through the middle by captain Charley, Sophie was running rings round them, Abby and Wade ran devistating lines (Abby was tackled and up again 3 times on her way to the try line) through the middle and Tonje was also making herself known on the wing.

Best try of the match goes to Tonje who decided it was too easy to run round them on the outside and cut back inside only to dodge her way through most of their team. Close second goes to Emma Middleton and Charley; Charley audaciously flung it through her legs to the waiting Middleton who duly scored her second ever try, up the wing!

Unfortunately due to uncontested scrums the forwards weren't able to prove how good they have become but they made up for it in the loose with great support and and great runs especially from the ever dominant Astrid. Forward of the match went to Lydia Meeson; she was everywhere, tackling, rucking and even scoring tries. I think she and Emily made every ruck! Special mention goes to Sarah Lawrence who played with a broken finger!

The backs took advantage of the extra space due to only having 5 in the back line and with Ailin's instruction also defended like champions, with Jenni covering the wing and massive hits from Abby and Wade. Thanks to Rachel, playing her debut match for us at fullback. She made a fantastic run which would have been a try if it hadn't been for a tackle around her neck.

Brilliant match can't wait for some more massive victories for the Gladies!