WELWYN vs Hackney or: Tims first class adventure.

On arrival an unfortunate combination of circumstances left Hackney so start without a front row and a bare 15 on the pitch. Uncontested scrums left both packs full of energy to hit and fiercely contest the breakdown areas.

A fragmented first half saw a number of Welwyns men sidelined through knocks at the cold face of Hackney's physical game. After a long stand off, staggered with stoppages, the nill all silence was broken after a good period of Hackney possession. The Gogs were steered confidently by Nick Ford at 9 and Tim Cox at 10 worked their way over the one again.

Hackney finished the second half with second try which, converted by Tim gave them the same platform on which they have fallen from in previous encounters this season.

No so this time. A pair of quick trys gave them the confidence to hammer home this game and take the win back to Springfield.
Wings Phill Walsh and Peter Grenfell (first hackney appearance) returned Welwyns hopeful kicks with interest as the Gogs hit their stride.
The Faltering Welwyn side lost another through injury, and now found themselves short on numbers. Dispite this the big Welwyn backs rallied, and despite their lack of numbers, attacked the blind side of the scrums in well worked moves which have them yards. Hackneys confidence blinded them to the game plan and Welwyn returned a strong try. Hackney quickly rallied and converted pressure in the fast changing conditions. Freezing rain turned to blinding sun and hackney found themselves under the post 3 times in succession. 15 mins of madness.

Their composure returned and dispite the lead on paper it didnt feel tangable untill finaly Sam Tivoi once again hit one of his famous lines, and ended the game under the posts.

Every one of Hackneys 15 played out of their skin.