Verulamians were the visitors to Spring Hill on what turned out to be a beautiful winters day. The Grififns were looking to continue the momentum gained after the Christmas break.

To the bemusement of captain O'Hara the Verulamians chose to play into the low winters sun, but who was he to question? So off they went, and from the start it was clear that it would be an interesting day for Hackney. Verulamians had not travelled to lay down and be walked all over. Huge tackles were flying in from both sides and the young Verulamians 10 was no mug with the boot. The initial stalemate was broken by Hackney's in-form number 8. Some great interplay from Hackney saw Uzo break the line, with just the fullback to beat and 15 yards to go he made it all look very easy.

The kick off was fielded well and Hackney marched their way down the pitch, again and again, only to be repeatedly penalised for a multitude of sins. The Verulamians flyhalf punished everyone with great kicking for plenty of yardage. There was a worry that this might be costly for the Griffins. Hackney however unperturbed by the interpretation of the breakdown persisted and were rewarded with turnover ball in midfield. From the 10 slot O'Hara saw (ex winger) Uzo lerking outwide. A great miss pass was thrown and Uzo had 'only' half the pitch to go and three men to beat. He arced the winger and cantered home for try number two.

This was how it would stay until the break, Verulamians and Hackney both knew that the game was open for the taking.

The second half got underway and the half time message for a big first 5 minutes had been heard loud and clear by all concerned. Cormac Fanning at 9 continued to marshall his pack and got Hackney back underway well, keeping posession in the pack and then kicking for territory.
With very little space to work in Newton Mills powered his way through the Verulamians fringe defense and tore off downfield. In previous games this chance wouldn't have been converted, but with the core of the Griffins team playing together regularly great minds are starting to come together. After his brace the previous week Charlie Williams was on hand to take the ball the distance and add to his tally for the season.

Hackney then stretched their lead further with three forwards tries from each department. The first from clean crisp rucking saw John Tully pick and go from 2 yards. The second from a scrum against the head saw Uzo pick up at the base and carry the ball and three would be defenders over the line for his hat trick. The third from a great move at the lineout saw hooker Charles Bailey crash through his opposite number to take out of sight.

Hackneys backs would not be left out. Once again Jack decided it was time for his customary half the length of the pitch try, leaving some to wonder if it's the only way Trinadadians know how to score.

Verulamians did not want to leave Spring Hill with a score and mounted one huge charge. Hackney managed to scramble well, refusing to let them cross the whitewash as if their lives depended on it.

Things were wrapped up with simple basics. A penalty was punished with a kick to the corner. The line out was caught and driven well. After some fast recycling of the phases that followed a simple two on one allowed Charlie Williams to cross to make it 4 in 2 for the speedster.