Hackney certainly didn't look travel weary at the start of this game despite spending nearly four hours on the road. They were bright, sharp and incisive. Some early handling errors delayed the inevitable first try. It came from a loose ball bouncing behind the Gogs backline picked up by the flanker, a step and dummy later and the way was clear for an easy run in under the sticks for Jon Wood. The second try came soon after as Chris Whitnall created an overlap and defying the limitations of the pitch scurried down the touch line for the visitors second try. It took a sustained effort by all the forwards to maintain enough possession to inflict another score on the home lads. The third try came just before half time and was the move of the game. Cheshams defence was stretched with Andrew Boon winning clean ball one one side of the pitch then the ball travelling quickly through several sets of hands for Eimhen to break clear on the other side and score in the corner.

It would seem at this stage that Hackney were superior in every aspect of the game. The oppositions brief periods of big pack bash, maul, flop over never really amounted to much in the first half but the second half told a different story. The gogs down to 13 men began to feel the pressure and a maul from a line out proved too much for the diminished lighter pack. As Chesham's confidence began to match their stature Hackney's pack found it increasingly difficult to win good ball and the backs in turn lost some of their confidence going forward. A few missed tackles and some more handling errors put Chesham on the front foot again. They soon scored two more tries and Hackney were left questioning what had happened to their form. Despite this there were still some great individual moments. Andrew Boon's perfect technique in every tackle and ruck, Oswain Hughes, playing a great game at scrum half, Eimhen working tirelesly and JP showing his class but as a unit the travelling gogs were increasingly out of tune. Hackney did manage to score again as Will Roberts finally found the momentum he was looking for and powered through a half gap brushing aside the oppositions attempts to stop him. Unfortunately this still didn't change the flow of the game. The Chesham pack reverted to type and caused the Gogs more damage. A collective effort near the end of the game to keep the big opposition forwards out was in vain as they scored again leaving the Gogs bitterly disappointed in their second half performance.

At the end of the game the players felt that there is certainly enough talent and spirit in the Gogs to do well this season and they all look forward to the home game against Fullarians.
MOTM. Andrew Boon, a master class in forward play.

Well done to Richard and Chris on their debuts for the gogs, good play by both. And a thank you to both Declan Ryan, (smallest, youngest player on the pitch) for showing Hackney how to tackle big blocks and Pete Daly for putting his body on the line for the team.