A game which saw hackney gladies lose at a score of 64-0 must have been quite a game to watch, given their steady string of successes over the last year. A team of 11, several experienced players missing, made it to hitchin where the firsts and seconds drew and lost a few weeks ago.

From the whistle blowing, hitchin seemed intent on getting the ball to their 12 who looked like a strong ball carrier. She was. A previous England u21 player, heroic efforts were made by Doig, Miller and Hague to take her down which failed to stop her scoring five tries, and only an outstanding tackle by our prop Leetch in the last five minutes of the game prevented her sixth.

Not all was gloom and doom however, not once did hackneys heads drop despite playing a team far more experienced and in a higher league. If anything it made us more determined to win some possession. The second half saw Barber in her debut match making some massive hits and Doig at 12 fiercely determined to take their 12 on. She carried some great ball into contact. Hague at 10 was benefitting from some great recycling off scrum half Miller who was getting ball out of losing scrums and ripping the ball out of our opposition's hands. Our scrums were battling back, with lawrence and Ciara involved in every ruck, auer leading at the back and towards the end we looked certain to score a try. Sadly a knock on put the tryline out of reach once and for all for what was an outstanding team effort by all.

Massively boosted by our team spirit and how fit we looked, we are confident going into next week's first league game. It was great experience playing a team bigger and better than us and our forward and back of the match Samantha Leetch and Charley Miller showed us how powerful and assertive Hackney can look in face of tremendous opposition.