A very encouraging first run out for the Gogs. Playing with 3 Hackney virgins, Sam Joyce, Matt Hanton & Will Ockendon (who only contacted the club on Friday), it was a committed & considered first hour. However, the final 20 minutes were a telling time for Hackney.s defence organisation, tactics & fitness, allowing in 26 unanswered points.

The first half was owned by the Gogs with some very strong running from Will Roberts & Rolfin in the forwards, superb half back play from Owain & Matt, good centre play allowing the wings & fullback space to attack. Each & every player was committed to the tackle, ruck & attack play. Belsize did manage to cross the try line at 30 minutes but at this stage it was no more than a temporary lack of concentration. The opposition were large in stature in the forwards but lacked the backs skills.

The third quarter was edged by Belsize, although they gained no points reward on the scoreboard, via the consistent use of their forwards. The final quarter saw a change in the Belsize half backs, more attrition through their forwards, a dropping off in Hackney.s fitness & hence tactical mistakes coupled with a number of tackles missed.

Owain & Matt have the potential to be a game winning pairing, both have a good kicking game & with more game will develop this understanding tactically to become a real threat to any opposition. Will Ockendon & Mark Hillsden (who I have not seen play previously) both impressed hugely. Sam Joyce who - to my knowledge . has never played competitive rugby before was fearless in his tackling & ruck play. What can be said about Nigel Benyon that has not been said before? Sublime, just sums it up.

MOTM . Josh Atlass; playing in the front row for the first time for the Gogs & did the hard work for the full 80 minutes.