As the sun reached it's zenith taking the edge off a bitter morning in Springhill, the gathering gogs bristled with anticipation. Hackney were poised for another great victory. Losing by three points to Old Milhillians in their previous encounter still rankled.

The option to receive from the kick off was immediately justified as the Hackney wrecking balls swung into action. Will Roberts, Pete Walsham and Ben Wallbank punished the opposition relentlessly. They were ill prepared for such an onslaught and after 20 minutes of non stop rugby Hackney were about 30 points up and the casualties of the 'demolition gang' were strewn across the field. The referee stopped play to clear the wounded Milhillians of the pitch. When play resumed they had the addition of a Hackney sub, Nelson, to bring them back to fifteen but they never really recovered.

When the half time whistle went it was a relief for both sides. Despite Hackney notching up about 40 points the pace of the game was hectic and Hackney's form and balance felt out of kilter. The Gogs decided a more expansive game would reap it's rewards in the second half giving them a more rounded rugby performance. There was also a small concern about the home sides defence. When play broke down Old Milhillians young quick backs looked capable of exploiting Hackney's occasional disarray.

The second half went according to the Hackney plan. The passing part of their game increased dramatically and they scored some spectacular tries involving many sets of hands. As the half progressed the home side became more balanced in defence and attack. There was no part of the game they did not dominate and a late scrum nearly resulted in the Gogs first push over try.

Special mentions. Great performances by all including our new recruits, Mark Hilsdon and Nic McQuillan... Andy Owen made majestic galloping runs through their defence and John Chung played an intelligent, calm game in the centre and gave the backline its structure but MOTM goes to Ben Wallbank, always in support, uncompromising in the scrum and leader of the demolition gang.