For the second week running Hackney took the field with a bare 15; and this only after poaching Will Roberts from the Gogs. The opposition arrived in good time with 17 players keen to avenge the defeat inflicted earlier in the season.

They breed them big in Chess Valley... and they were only going to play one way... in the forwards. Up against them Pete Walsham took his place at prop for the first time. Not for the first time he took a positional change in his stride, still managing prominence in the loose. The Hackney pack competed very well against the larger opposition, Rich Holgate and Blair Gray combining with Walsham to meet them head on in the scrums - barely giving ground.

The plan was simple, a couple of phases, max... then out to the backs to score out wide. The execution not so simple. To be fair Chess were more than just a big pack and had effective players at 10, 13 and 15 - they made it a game. When Hackney did apply the game plan it worked well. Arif Saad and Ryan Koay had gas to burn on the wings, and Morgan Whitlock in his first game this season standing at 12, combined with in the in form Sam Tivoi to punch holes in the pink shirted scramble defence. One strong carry by Whitlock carrying two defenders over the line with him ensuring his return came with points.

And so to the 15th man, Will Roberts... promoted only minutes before kick off. he took it to them; ripping ball, hitting rucks and running straight. A terrific performance with ball in hand, it was obvious to all at Spring Hill the man hates pink! Boom! Boom! and more Boom! he just kept picking out Chess players to run at leaving them strewn acorss the park behind him. He didn't get a try but he definitely made a few - the man of the match discussion between Director of Rugby, Fred Pentecost and Captain after the match comprised of two words and a nod!

Gray regularly found Eihmen jumping at one, the experience of John Young and Holgate propelling him high in the air to command the line out.Scrum half, Luke Hearn and Stand Off Jonathan Pughe combined well and took the right options most of the time. When the ball went wide, Hackney converted through Tivoi, Koay and Cox . The line would have been crossed more often were it not for "millionaire" passes that crept in from time to time.

A solid Hackney defence repelled the Chess attack many times, not every time, but the opposition were left to ride home into the Valley of Chess defeated once again...