1 Andy Pilkington, 2 Dom Beno, 3 Alex Bobin, 4 Owen Addison, 5 Ollie Hart, 6 Paddy Walsh, 7 Chris McMahon, 8 Ben Chamberlain, 9 Charlie Davis (c), 10 Alex O'Hara, 11 Curtis Hobday, 12 James Dawson, 13 Dan Aylward, 14 James Davis, 15 James Hardwick.
Subs: Nuno Moura, John Williams, Tim Cox

Coming off the back of two narrow defeats Hackney Griffins travelled to Harlequins Amateurs knowing that a win was a must in order to hold on to 3rd place in the league, and with the return from the injury list of James Hardwick.s clinical kicking boot and James Dawson power in the back.s Hackney were confident of a good performance against bottom of the league Quins.

The game started with an initial burst of dynamic rolling play by Hackney pushing Quins deep into their own 20, Hackney piled on early pressure causing Quins to give away an early penalty which as easily converted by Hardwick, 3-0.

However the encouraging start from Hackney was quickly stamped out as Quins woke up and from the restart dominated every scrum with their superior weight advantage pushing Hackney back into their 20, and pinning them down for 20 mins of constant pressure ending in Quins crossing the line to go 5-3 ahead. After a stern talking to from Hackney Captain Charlie Davis, Hackney players started to use more communication and support in open player enabling Ben Chamberlain, Oli Hart and Alex Bobin to make juggernaut run.s through the Quins defence. The constant pressure piled on by Hackney forwards quickly wore down Quins, and enabled the backs to make huge runs into the Quins half, with Dan Alyward requiring 3 men to bring him down. The pressure got to Quins and within 10 minutes ill discipline of which Charlie Davis took the brunt of cost Qunis 2 more penalties both of which were easily converted by Hardwick to take Hackney into the lead 5-9, going into the second half.

The second half started with a session of aerial ping pong from both sides each trying to pin the other team down in the own half. However Hackney quickly looked to retain the ball and run it, with Chris McMahon making huge strides into Quins 20. From this Hackney forwards were able to put together driving mauls with Alex Bobin and Andy Pilkington driving the tiring Quins pack backwards. The dynamic quick play from Hackney forwards created huge overlaps in the Quins defence which Hackney backs found easy to exploit with Alex O.hara crossing the line for his 6th this season, of which was again easily convert by Hardwick, 5 . 16.

Hackney momentum continued from the restart and Hackney found themselves again deep in Quins own 20, however the Quins defence continued to hold with huge runs from Oli Hart and James Dawson coming inches short of the line. After 10 minutes of constant pressure Hackney got their just reward with Paddy .Teflon. Walsh slipping through the Qunis defence and crossing the line in the corner. The conversion from Hardwick clipped the outside of the post, an unusual miss, 5 - 21.

The tired Quins pack returned to a kicking game from the restart and with the aid of the wind pinned Hackney down into the own half. However they were unable to hold Hackney for long with Ben Chamberlain and Owen Addison cutting through the Quins defence. The pressure again made Quins crack and ill discipline lead to another three penalty opportunities being handed to James Hardwick to easily convert to take Hackney to a dominant lead of 5 . 30.

With the last kick of the game Quins where able to pull back 3 point with an impressive drop goal by their tiring number 10. The game finished 8 . 30, a satisfying win for Hackney and a welcome return of James Hardwick.s boot, the win sets up Hackney for their next clash away to top of the table HAC.

MOTM . Captain Charlie Davis for his outstanding performance at 9 and taking the brunt of Quins ill discipline to secure vital penalties.