The wintry breeze that swept across Springhill did not persuade Hackney to batten down the hatches. Nor did the bitter memory of defeat lead to caution or conservative rugby. This Gog side was irrepressible and all 17 men played uncompromising, attacking rugby.

Upfront Roy Irwin, drafted in to shore up the second row, didn't have to read the script. There amongst the rough and tumble he often emerged from the body rubble, like a scene from the dark side of goglore, ball in gnarled hand with the smile of a wrong un. A ball more often than not gratefully received by new Charlie: irascible, fractious, sublime new Charlie: His exploitation of space and his delivery from the ruck and set pieces close to perfection; His command raw, intelligent- he possessed the undinted certainty of youth. The ball so recently torn from some unholy steaming recess now found freedom and life in the delicate, deceiving hands of Will Ockenden-His upright running style, urbane, unassuming, bordering on the comic, brought joy to the springhill side and all their supporters and grief to the visitors as he weaved his way to the white wash.

MOTM: Will Ockenden. On a day rich with individual effort and endeavour his performance still stood out.

Note: Excellent refereeing and great spirit from the travelling side.