The Griffins were aiming to get the wind back into their sails with a tricky home fixture against Old Millhillians. This week, absentees had grown significantly as the injury list continued to increase and the cold weather closes in. The Griffins saw a club legend reborn into their ranks into his new slot at 8.

Millhillians won the toss and looked to use the low winter sun to their advantage but Hackney had other things on their minds. The Griffins exerted early pressure and looked to put some points on the board. However a little overexuberance led to a few penalties in a row that eventually led to Old Millhillians taking a 3-0 lead. This was soon followed up by Old Millhillians's first try of the game; a little miscommunication and a good measure of rugby ball bounce saw OMs taking the score up to 8-0. Hackney however were in no way worried, they had played the better rugby thus far and knew that a few tweaks would give them their win.

To their task Hackney went. It started up front with the pack getting a firm strangle over their far weightier opposition, not only at the set piece but in the loose as well. Soon enough the pressure told. Newton Mills having been released from the shackles of the front row and back in at 6 took on the defense in his usual gentle maner. The defense didn't seem too keen on his manner and allowed him through, he drew the fullback in and put away his usually front row partner Alexander Bobin for a leisurely trot to the line. Prop to prop half a pitch covered, done. The conversion was narrowly missed and the score stayed at 8-5 at the half. A mention must go to Jack (Agboola) Silverthorn's mazey first half run; scrambling to recover a ball deep in his own 22, he then proceeded to dance his way past half of the Old Millhillians team to the delight of the touch line support.

The half time message was to just keep going, enjoy the game and play our rugby.

The second half kicked off, the Griffins played some good team rugby, quick ball led to good yardage - Uzo and James Dawson in particular showing their strengths. Millhillians started to get frustated, Hackney however remained disciplined and kicked the ensuing penalties to within ten metres. A perfect Hackney line out was then driven over with Jonny Crockett at the bottom of the pile. The conversion was missed but Hackney now had their noses in front for the first time and were in no mood to give it up. The second half continued in much the same vein, Millihillians frustrations mounted and the referee was forced to take further action putting Old Millhillians 6 in the bin. Hackney now looking to close out the game add a further 3 to take the second to 13-8.

Hackney then rung the changes to add some extra go forward, to go in search of the bonus point. They were rewarded for their efforts, 5 minutes before the end, as some great running from the back line and smooth offloading in the contact area saw Hackney's winger go under the sticks, the conversion was added, only a couple of minutes remaining. The Griffins pushed on undetered by the lack of time. Old Millhillians were now in full retreat, penalties kept coming and Hackney continued to gain yards. With the last play of the game Hackney trusted their handling and free flowing rugby to do the damage. Nearly every player touched the ball as Hackney marched down the pitch. Fly half O'Hara finally found what he was looking for, an Old Millhillians forward with 80 minutes in his legs. He rounded him and looked for support, the tireless Crocket was on hand, gratefully accepting the 2 on1 and charging in to score Hackney's bonus point.

The promotion chase is still on as Hackney head into their final game of 2011.