Hackney lost the toss. The low springhill winter sun, remaining steadfastly indifferent- neither moved by loyalty nor the canal side's righteous cause, dazzled the mighty Gogs. As the Gogs adapted to the elements their superiority across the pitch soon became evident. Their partial blindness proved to be a minor handicap as the home team stepped up to the mark. Their defence at the ruck was near perfect and the drives forward mainly effective if occasionally uncontrolled.

Under the merciless cosh of Rolfin, ruthlessly mauled and ripped asunder by Boon, skittled by the low trajectory missile that is Ben Wallbank, scythed, mesmerised and bulldozed by Richard and Sam - the Fullerians may not have capitulated but were certainly worn down by a ferocious and determined Gog side.

As a flock of seagulls quietly grazed undisturbed in the Hackney half of the pitch the sun, perhaps a little ashamed of its injudicious alliance, soon set on another great day at Springhill.

MOTM: Andy Boon and Richard Yong. Both having a great season with the Gogs.

Note: Once again excellent refereeing and a hearty welcome to newcomer Pat Thompson who very quickly entered into the spirit of the occasion.