Last weeks canopy of cloud was rolled back this Saturday at springhill revealing a blue of infinite possibilities. There was a sharpness and clarity in the air as the Gogs gathered to play against Hampstead. Their confidence was palpable as the warm up gathered pace and an expectation that made even the midges demure. Hampstead a congenial side that likes to play good rugby were not so respectful of Hackney's ambition. Their skill and intensity at the ruck threatened to upset the home sides recent form. Cover tackling and the patience and perseverance of the pack just gave the home side the edge in the first half. After the break Hackney's forwards produced their most accomplished performance of the season.

The Gogs start well and this week was no exception. Strong running and excellent rucking pushed them deep into Hampstead territory. Quick ball from one side of the pitch to the other put Hackney over the white wash but the ball wasn't grounded. After this early challenge there was a long passage of play where possession and territory was won and lost with neither side dominating for long. The dead lock was broken when Rolfin, always a force going forward, found space (after a rare succession of uninterrupted rucks) and powered over.

In the second half the Gogs took control. Possession was still squandered right across the pitch but it no longer felt important. The game was being won up front. Good ball was almost guaranteed as the pack began to dominate the set pieces. These Hackney forwards, the solid centre of the Gog team, continued to develop their craft with excellent scrummaging and increasingly convincing line-outs. Andrew Boon was immense at the back, both at the scrum and in the driving mauls. The improvement and execution of the line out, a feature of the game never previously developed at this level, was the most pleasing aspect of the afternoon. Orchestrated by the clear thinking of Neil Cunningham at scrum half the forwards scored once and created other scoring opportunities from line outs in the oppositions 22.

The Gogs once again delivered as the sun set on another great day at Springhill.

MOTM: Josh Atlass. New to propping but gave the opposition a lesson in front row play. This week he was King of the Gogs.