Hackney's third team came closer to realising their ambition for league supremacy this Saturday. On a still, overcast, autumnal afternoon the canal side pitches were alive with good rugby. The Gogs, no longer daunted by the first team pitches wide expanse, broadened their game. They were irresistible from the kick off and determined to the end. The opposition's pack offered strong resistance for the entire eighty minutes but were unable to steer Hackney away from their purpose. The calls for confidence, belief and awareness rarely sound flat or went unheard. This was a side that exuded belief and like all good sides adjusted to the unpredictable patterns of the game.

The squad remained firm despite losing three strong players early in the second half. Neil's departure at scrum half was a particular blow. He went off with a hand injury no doubt sustained from grappling for the ball at the ruck as Hemel fought hard at every breakdown for possession. He conjured up some superb ball for Will to weave his magic, his deception and slight of hand repeatedly unlocking the oppositions defence. Outside Will, strong running and considered angles from both centres (Sam Tivoi and Richard Yong) tore Hemel apart.

This was undoubtedly a 18 man effort. Inevitably there were some whose skill and strength stood out. Most notably Andrew Boon; winning countless turn over ball, Angry Sam; securing ball at the rucks and intelligent decision making with ball in hand; Tom Boyleston full of guile and power and Eimhen eager and positive going forward, solid in defence. The rest of the pack followed their lead and unlike previous encounters against big forwards never let the opposition gain momentum.

The 'mighty' Gogs, (a description now said with far less self depreciating irony), eagerly await next Saturdays home game against Hampstead.

MOTM: Richard Yong. Great lines, great skill and hard tackling all afternoon.

Dave Bates; Sam Berkson; Josh Atlass; Tom Boyleston; Gavin De Preer; Eihmen Rafferty; Jon Wood; Andrew Boon; Neil Cunningham; Will Ockenden; Richard Yong; Sam Tivoli; Declan Ryan; Ricky Falla; Ollie Cooper; Darren Griffith (30min); Rob Baker (55 min); Sam Joyce (60min).