On Saturday October 8th Hackney welcomed the newly promoted Belsize park in a clash between the top two teams in herts middx league one. Before the game Belsize were heard preparing with a rare enthusiasm. The Hackney side, many having risen at 5.30am, were somewhat more subdued. Hackney however started brightest twice threatening the line and forcing belsize to concede a penalty that O'Hara duly slotted.

Any hopes of an easy win were dashed when Belsize regained the ball from the kick off and were able to move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other finally opening up the space to score and take the lead. Hackney reacted quickly, a good move down the left flank saw Duttine hitting Delgado with a lofty sky-hook pass. Delgado crossed the line, but where a lesser man would have dived in leaving a tricky conversion Delgado cleverly drew a high tackle form the covering back and a penalty try was awarded. Hackney would strike again in the first half, Fanning feeding Chamberlain on the half way who broke the line, rounding the fullback before being hauled down. Superb rucking from H. Williams and Hart resulting in the quickest of balls. Fanning found O'Hara who bewitched the Belsize backs, with the slightest essence of pass before stepping on the gas and wheeling in for try number 5 of the season.

Hackney's defence was typified by the huge hitting Rowbottom. Sadly nobody had explained to the implication of a 12 stone man hitting like an eighteen stoner, perhaps one of the nurses at Homerton hospital was good enough to elucidate. Hackney could not shake off a spirited Belsize though who were able to claw back another try before half time and Hackney went in 15-10 up.

Hackney's nerves were relieved when the excellent Duttine, proving to be one of Hackney's most elusive backs scored for the second week running. Belsize would again strike back as a succession of penalties stretched the Hackney defence too far. This would prove to be to limit of their resistance. Hackney's front row were so dominant that Williams-Jones had to be held back from flattening his opposing prop in the face of a referee who had a different opinion on what total domination looks like. The lineout was close to it's impervious best, commanded by Hart who's fingertips were pulling balls out of the air that he had no right to gather (see above).

The bonus point was secured by Delgado who finished a fine sweeping move to touch down in the left corner. The forwards got the try they deserved when Belsize could only illegally halt a fine rolling maul. Hackney went to the line again and this time nothing could stop the bullocking Williams-Jones from effectively ending the contest. The final try was another desigbed by O'Hara and finished by Duttine. O'Hara's wheely bin arc, executed at a speed somewhere in between jog and walk outfoxed the Belsize backs, some quick rucking saw Duttine crashed through on the angle from the next phase.

Man of the match this week goes to Lloyd Williams-Jones for an exemplary display that on another day would have led to Hackney winning almost 100% of the oppositions ball, and for scoring a fine try.