The shouts, gripes and groans of two evenly matched packs as they battled for supremacy disturbed the still, temperate air of Letchworth garden city suburb.

The visitors full of confidence from last weeks glorious victory over Fullarians in the hot throes of summer struggled here, in the autumn drizzle, to find their flowing form.

A heroic performance by the pack and the fearless stand in number 9, Ricky Falla, wasn't enough to secure quick ball to the backs. Their potential in attack was hardly realised all game but apart from one momentary lapse their defence was solid.

From the start the hotly contested rucks were going Hackneys way. Rolfin and Olivier invoked the fury of the Gogs in every exchange. The big opposition buckled under their and the rest of the packs intensity. It wasn't long before the backs found space out wide. Declan Ryan delaying his pass to perfection to put Will Ockenden in for Hackney's first (unconverted) try. From the kick off the Gogs looked strong again and they earned another 3 points from a penalty converted by Declan.
The next ten minutes belonged to Letchworth. They drove up the field with real intent giving Hackney all sorts of problems at the ruck and in the maul. With some help from their more powerful backs they were soon camped close to the visitors line. It seemed inevitable their aggressive big number eight would collect the ball and barge over from close in.

A brief moment of doubt in the minds of the mighty Gogs was soon dispelled as they returned to full on tackling cutting short the oppositions period of dominance. After the break the game settled into a kind of stale mate. Overall Hackney were looking the more dangerous but errors throughout the side thwarted any meaningful attacks. As the game went on the Gogs scrum got better and even drove the considerably heavier home pack of the ball on a few occasions. It seemed about ten minutes from time that it was going to be the Gogs day. Then from a scrum the Letchworth 12 received the ball at pace and found a gap in the backs defence. Strong efforts from Ricky Falla and Mark Hilsden running back to cover couldn't keep him out. For the first time in the game the opposition were ahead and from the kick off there was only 5 minutes left for Hackney to reply. The chase from the kick was excellent putting Letchworth under great pressure. Andrew Boon tried to wrestle the ball from a player lying on the ground that went unnoticed but a resulting scrum went the Gogs way and a pick up and drive to the home sides line was held up. The Gogs were suddenly playing with an intensity that was unstoppable. Andrew Boon at number eight picked the ball up from the back of the scrum kept strong and low and scored the winning try. The Gogs unbridled joy quickly turned to disbelief as the referee decided the ball was held up. A dissenting Andrew Boon was sent off then a quietly enquiring captain was sent off then in a fit of pique the referee blew the whistle for full time.

Great front row play, well done Matthieu and AJ. Strong capable rugby from David Prowse. Good game by Declan Ryan despite lack of ball. MOTM. Andrew Boon consistent and strong in the ruck and made some great breaks. (And scored the winning try!?)