This weekend Hackney 1.s came off a relaxing weekend off rugby to find their old foe Old Priorians as the next fixture in the calendar.

Travelling to Old Priorians, Hackney knew this would have to be a hard fought game with Old P.s snapping at Hackney.s heels in 2nd place, and with some noticeable absentees from the line up Hackney knew they would have to dig deep in order to retain their season winning streak.

Hackney won the toss and decided to go for the kick off, however within seconds Hackney were on the back foot as Alex O.hara.s kick failed to find its intended spot and Old Priorians started the game with a scrum on the half way line. However over the next 10 minutes Hackney battled back and the game was stuck in the middle ten meters with neither team.s defence showing any signs of giving away any yards.

However this was short lived when Old Priorians inside centre found a small gap and quick feet to get over the Hackney line. This proved to be the scene of the day with Old Priorians backs finding space too easily and making countless yards from broken tackles. However Hackney did not crumble and with Hackney's forwards marking on it was not long until the pressure showed on the Old P.s forward pack as they gave away a pen on the 40 meter line which Alex O.hara put over easily.

The Hackney forwards continued to make good yards with John Tully, Newton Mills and Ollie Hart charging forward, but with Hackney failing to win line out balls for all the hard yards they captured they would be pinned back by the kicks from Old P.s.

Just before the half time whistle Hackney managed to get quick ball and with Alex O.hara spotting the Old P.s dog leg defence he managed to pop the ball neatly into James Davies hands for him to cross the line with ease.

However Old P.s continued to have the upper hand in the second half with their backs running too easily breaking tackles and find a space with their quick feet.

Hackney continued to show to show good strength in the scrums with Glenn Prowse at N8 having some pick and runs to give Hackney vital yards. And with the final whistle looming Hackney found
their last wind with an excellent display of handling from the backs to put James Rowbottom over the Old P.s line in the corner, with Alex O.hara easily slotting the conversion to finish the game Old Priorians 34 . Hackney 15.

With Hackney first defeat of the season comes some serious questions about Hackney.s defence and line out ball for Hackney to answer for on Tuesdays Training.

Next week Hackney host Old Actonians knowing a win is a must in order to put their season back on track, and with plenty to discuss at training Hackney will have a long week.