Hackney got back to winning ways with a good, if imperfect performance at Springhill. An energetic start from Hackney brought them two early penalties but with kicker Hardwick missing the first score remained elusive as O'Hara failed with both attempts, albeit from difficult angles. They need not have worried however as O'Hara drew the attention of the OA defence before popping inside allowing John Tully a simple run over the line after an extended period of Hackney pressure. Some good pressure was only stemmed after Dan Frost had been forced to limp off, with OA trying to batter the Hackney defence, but with no end result apart from one penalty which dropped a couple of metres short. Hackney were guilty of wasting a few good chances in the first half and poor discipline was strangled their momentum at times. Tully was in the action again in the 29th minute, as for the second week in a row he was sent to the bin, although this week that resulted in some spirited play from Hackney.

The pack really established their dominance by going forward despite being a man light, whilst the backs were not to be outdone with James Davis turning a good O'Hara clearance kick into a brilliant one making the tackle and turning the ball over and gaining 40 yards in the process, before his offload was knocked on. From the resulting scrum, Hackney retrieved the ball, and after several quick recycles Paddy Walsh cut an incisive line against his former team getting within inches of the line before O'Hara dived over the top of the ruck to double the lead, for his fifth try in Herts Middlesex 1 this season.

The first 10 minutes of the second half have proved hugely influential all season, and this match was no different as Hackney soaked up OA pressure once again, before O'Hara spotted an isolated OA prop, ran round him like a roundabout and changed direction to fool the cover defence only to get scragged 2m short of the line (and a knee to the head in the process). Great support provided quick ball which was shipped down the right-hand side for James Davis to dive over. With O'Hara still off the pitch having his brow mopped, Charlie Davis refused to play the quiet brother as he made it 20-0 after 51mins. A quite five mins was quickly forgotten after a brilliant maul from the Hackney pack marched from the half way line into the OA 22, before being given a penalty. From the resulting lineout, Hackney played to their strengths and drove another maul, which was stopped by OA, only for Hackney to alter the point of attack giving Ollie Hart an easy touch down - just reward for the talisman of the forward effort. O'Hara added the extras.

OA claimed the last score of the game as they intercepted a loose pass, but their 7 points was little consolation as it came after three more Hackney scores: one apiece for the Davis brothers and one from Chamberlain after scrum half Charlie Davis spotted a gap and broke from the Hackney 22 . open side Chamberlain was there to support and the 2 on 1 with the full back was converted well. Two conversions from O'Hara to leave the final score at 46-7.

All in all a good performance, but by no means a perfect one. Two defeats had seen the the Griffins slip down to 4 , with this resounding bonus point win and Hamptonians losing to Grammarians, Hackney are now back up to 3rd. Next week sees Hackney travel to old rivals Old Priorians with a number of the starting line-up from this week missing due to injury or work - the pressure will be on their replacements to help build on this win and ensure the winning feeling becomes a habit once again.

Man of the Match: Noteworthy performances from Ollie Hart, Alex Bobin and James Davis, but Newton Mills was truly outstanding and was adeptly described as an animal by O'Hara having cleared two rucks and made a huge tackle all on his own in the space of thirty seconds.