After a strong turn out for Monday night's training session, with 7 new players attending, the Hackney Gladies brought an 11 strong side to Devizes, ready to add another victory to their successful run of two games thus far. However, with an almost frozen pitch, and a squad of 22 players, Devizes did not make this an easy feat. Loaned four of their players, complete beginners, Hackney could have been at a disadvantage. However, with quick ball and hands from a solid scrum, Hackney scored their first try within minutes of the game passing the ball down the wing, giving our fullback Anita Oliver plenty of space to put the ball over the touchline. A cool conversion from fly half Sophie Campbell showed that nothing was going to faze us.

A strong pack from Devizes, all individually at least double the weight or size of any of our forwards, meant that we were in trouble in the contested scrums and at the ruck and Devizes fought very hard to win ball. Luckily, with props Emma Middleton and Ellie Bowton, and experienced second row Sorrel Wood showing particular determination and keeping the pack held together, Hackney showed they were not to be messed with and Helen Doig in her debut at hooker made sure that Charley Miller, scrum half was able to offload the ball quickly down the back line. Amy Longo, from Devizes, playing for us, scored Hackney's second try comfortably sidestepping and outpacing four of her own players and scoring a try between the posts. The rest of the first half was scrappy, with the Devizes forwards creating momentum and forcing us back into our own half. A try was scored by Devizes centre, shortly before half time, though not converted leaving the score at 14-5.

The second half began badly for Hackney, with Amy Longo - now playing for her own side, quickly scoring a try within the first five minutes. Her second try, then third try, running half the pitch, made clear that Devizes were rapidly becoming a significant threat. Hackney were also having trouble with the beginners they'd been provided with, two of them deciding to walk off in the middle of play leaving us at a significant disadvantage. Here was where our flankers really began to shine, Alex Bowtell and Felicity Auer alternately teaming up with Miller to drive the ball down blindside, giving Hackney a chance to play some fast ball and re-establish the pace that had won us the two previous games. Fly half, Sophie Campbell, having excelled in leading the backs and breaking the Devizes defence several times already, scored us our third try again between the posts. This pace continued, with Rachel Middleton, hit hard by two forwards, managing to offload some quick ball onto Barr who miss-passed it to Oliver to score the fourth try of the game. The final score was 26-22. With Devizes's fly half making three unsuccessful conversions from four, Hackney avoided a close defeat and the Gladies were able to celebrate their third victory of three this season.

There were some terrific performances - Alex Bowtell particularly made some crucial tackles and added signifiant distance into the Devizes own half by her pace and ball carrying. Both Rachel and Emma Middleton also deserve a mention for their determination when competing for the ball and their support play during the game. Anita Oliver slotted in beautifully in the backline, from fullback, adding some much needed experience and confidence in the backs' play. Player of the match, however, deservedly goes to Sophie Campbell who had an excellent game, breaking their defence with ease, making some massive hits whilst successfully leading a back line which consisted of only one other regular Hackney player.