From the outset the Gogs drove forward, with Ben Wallbank, Sam & Olivier causing the Fullerians defence problems; It wasn't long before the ball floated out wide to Nigel Benyon who found himself in space. Nigel, needing no invitation, took off, leaving his first defender (who was half his age), for dead. For anyone watching, an early score for the visitors must have looked inevitable. If it were not for some great cover from their back line, this would have been the case, however Nigel was deemed to have knocked the ball on in the tackle.

The Fullerians players, boosted by their early defensive success, continued to defend with the same dogged aggression all afternoon. In attack; they gained yards not from any success up front or from their backs but from the boot of their young unschooled fly half. Their youthful backline seemed not to offer much in attack but were determined and effective in defence. Due to the unforgiving conditions, powerful runs from the Hackney backline were usually thwarted by simple handling errors. This played to Fullerians advantage, with their large, old pack scrummaging well. The first try of the match came from a scrum in the Hackney 22, exploiting the blindside the Fullerian forwards showed some endeavour; using their sizable frames to bash over from close in. The Gogs rapidly responded responded with a passage of play that resulted in Philip finding a gap, his natural winger instincts guiding him to the try line.

Distracted by their score, the Hackney defence let their guard down conceeding a vary similar try to the first. Once again the Fullerians pack exploited their natural conditioning and they barged over. The Gogs, determined to turn the game around & not to be pushed around formed another attack. From the kick off the Gog's chasers managed to win the ball back and a short passage of interplay let to them nearly scoring; once again thwarted by a last-ditch tackle close to the whitewash. The remainder of the game was strewn with handling errors & infingements. Both sides unable to capitalise on chances.