Chesham arrived with more or less the same side that beat us by 80 points. That was our first game of the season. Since then, despite our revolving carousel of a Gogsquad, a core determination and spirit has emerged. This was evident from the start as Chesham pressed hard. Their forwards were more mobile than in our last encounter and after a sustained attack a powerful run from close in by their strongest player resulted in Chesham's first try. From the kick off Hackney were under pressure again but were gradually finding ways to deal with the opponents penetrating force. We slowed them down but eventually they found another gap in our defence and scored again.

At this point the Gog's pre match optimism seemed misplaced, we had a strong side out and we were tackling hard yet we could not stop them. I harboured unvoiced fears of a rout. We managed to focus on our small successes and after a while our commitment and fitness began to undermine their resolve. The balance of power noticeably changed. We began to secure some decent possession and strong running from the forwards in particular Will Roberts renewed our optimism. Unfortunately by half time we had lost our very promising centre partnership to injury. Maxwell with a twisted ankle and Sam Yauner with a broken hand.

The second half soon reduced to a hard fought stale mate, possession sea sawing between the sides. The half back partnerships were working well (Phil Ellis, then Craig Adams and Henry James) but Henry's attacking options were limited because of our weakened back line. The introduction of Pete Walsham at half time (showing amazing commitment to cycle down to the ground for the game as Mrs Walsham's labour paused) helped to even out the force up front as he competed with Will for attacking yards. Steve Bovey also coming on at half time tidied up the line out and gave the pack more structure. We were performing well but the occasional wrong decision, taking on the ball too much in the pack and not clearing our lines in defence, contributed to them gaining enough momentum for their third try.

As we entered into the last quarter our resolve did not falter. A magnificent series of runs by the forwards, resulting in a penalty in their 22, gave the gogs the momentum they needed. Pete spotted an irresistible half gap. He was not going to be stopped. Our hard work had finally gleaned a result and there was a sense that we could still turn it around. This idea was undermined a little when they scored their fourth try. The Gogs found themselves in their own 22 again where the Chesham pack came alive but it took many phases of play for them to eventually release their danger man who scored his third try. It was about this time James Mullet, who was having his game of the season, was forced off after receiving a stiff hand off to the eye. Mullet's misfortune gave Tom Jones a seamless return to rugby after a 6 year absence. Despite all the changes the Gogs held on to their form and always believed they could score again but unfortunately the game ended with the final score to them. It was the first time we gave their backs any space all game. After one of our attacks went wrong we gifted them possession and their speed and agility out manoeuvred our defence.Their talented young backline scored most of the 80 points last encounter so it was quite an achievement to keep them to one score.

Once again too many good performances to mention. MOTM goes to Sam Berkson. He lead the pack by example, involved in every ruck and forward movement, strong and tireless in defence. (Will Roberts, Mullet and Henry Williams in close contention)