The Gargoyles continued their recent storming form, scoring 10 tries in a comprehensive hammering of Hatfield. And yet Coach Pentecost came away far from happy, having watched the side play carelessly, sloppily waisting chances and allowing Hatfield to compete far too often by ignoring the basics and forcing the issue. The side were to a degree victims of their own success, with Jeff Moore demonstrating that he was too much for the Hatfield backline to handle in the first move of the game. The Hackney centre received quick ball half way out and sliced the defence open before putting winger Uzo Uyanwune in to open the scoring. Moore's show, glide and accelerate would become a feature of the afternoon, with the 12 enjoying an impressive return to Springhill from injury.

Encouraged by the ease of the opening try Hackney tried to run the restart from their own 22. But the conditions conspired, this was the worst kind of wet day, when the ball and ground become greasy, the ball difficult to grip and footings often lost. A knock on gave Hatfield a scrum in a great position, and Hackney infringed in defence. The 3 points would be Hatfield's last of the afternoon. And Hackney scored immediately, Hatfield failing to claim the restart and scrum half Neil Cunningham making a lie of the conditions to pick up one handed on the run, step one man, then two before feeding his support, Dave Watkins touching down untouched.

Having failed to learn their lesson Hackney continued to try to force the game and run from deep. And while a rout had seemed on the cards early on it was moments before the half ended before Hackney scored again. Hackney attacked the right side, with No8 Will Bowers carrying strongly and working the blind well, before two quick passes presented Uzo Uyanwune with a sight of the try line. The Hatfield cover defence arrived, but too late to stop the forceful winger.

The second half saw the pattern continue. Hatfield were on the defensive, yet the Gargoyles seemed intent on butchering chances. A two on one was murdered, a ball knocked on when the line beckoned and countless breaks ended with knock ons by players carrying the ball in one hand, even as the rain continued to fall. However when the forwards concentrated on the hard tight yards, or when Moore was given good ball, Hackney scored. Moore scored himself, before giving Uyanwune enough space for the winger to win the race to the line and complete his hat-trick. And Dave Watkins and Dan Frost crossed when the forwards put the squeeze on their opposition. And despite some of the terrific open play the backs displayed, it was a forward who was awarded MOTM. Bowers as pack leader carried strongly, and more importantly continually led by example, keeping the side's feet on the ground when it seemed a few were content on leaving their heads in the rain clouds hovering above.