The Gogs Team Photo

I was going to lie about the score line but I suppose we have to face up to the certainty of figures. Thankfully no one was calculating the missed tackles. That would have been a statistic too far... In fact I even feel reluctant to analyse the game at all: our baffling reluctance to go up as a line in defence, our lack of communication, even our lack of basic skills in some areas. For me there are far more important conclusions to be made about this game.

My fantasy Gogs dream team (whatever that might be?) was slowly but inexorably reduced during the long weeksbefore our first merit table game leaving us without a recognised fly half, outside centre or indeed any props. We had planned to arrive at 2. for a 3 o clock kick off but the 40 mile journey took its toll. By kick off we had 12 men one of whom was a chirpy Hampstead player unaware his game had been called off (Thanks James!). He gallantly joined Simon Fergerson and Ben Wallbank to form a brave makeshift front row to contest against an opposition twice their weight.

There were similar miss matches in the backs were the speed and movement of the youthful opposition made us look inept in defence. Even the better tacklers were frequently wrong footed.

Despite our obvious handicaps there were some fantastic performances. It was difficult to name a MOTM. Andy Owen had a solid game as fly half, he stepped up to the mark and tried his best to break through their defensive line. A great debut from John Chung who put in the best hits of the day and tried to keep the ball alive. Luke miraculously kept possession from an inevitably retreating scrum (but not always, sometimes we held them) and commanding the defence around the break down.

All the pack played well. Lead by the determination of Simon Ferguson we must have turned over ball about a dozen times (I know difficult to believe considering the score line). Will Roberts was probably our stongest player in the loose coming close to scoring on two occasions. Ryan had some good breaks as well as some great cover tackling.

MOTM: In the end it had to go to Ollie Relph, who was focused from start to finish, won some good line out ball and contibuted to the turn overs and some big hits.

So I'm proud of my team, and I'm proud to be a Captain at the ragged end of a great rugby club. To me it was not about our rugby skills being tested but our desire to play together, our acceptance of other players limitations, our willingness to travel 40 long long miles without a justgiving page and our tested but still in tact sense of 'fellowship'.

Well done all you Gogs.