The Gogs arrived fired up and ready to trample over Welwyn's Garden city. Their recent success gave them a confidence and belief that any side in this league would not be able to live with their intensity of play, especially up front, but something must have happened as we made our way to the ground: it could have been the simple grid layout of the roads; the generous well maintained boulevards; the neatly clipped hedgerows; the repetition; the order; the sameness, that damn stifling sameness that upset our Hackney sensibilities and took the edge off our aggression.

Having said that we started brightly, we looked by far the better side. It was only a few errors that kept us from dominating possession and territory. Jonny Vivas standing in as scrum half looked lively and dangerous until deep in their half he made a solo blind side run. Despite his brave efforts there was too much cover and he suffered a knee in the ribs for his efforts (Two broken ribs). Tim Cox stood up to take control and from a scrum the ball quickly went out wide giving Lewis Jordan room to manoeuvre and hand off his way around the defence releasing Rob Baker who scored a classic wingers try in the corner. It was looking good.

From the kick off Hackney, through a series of errors and penalties, found themselves defending on their own line. Welwyn's heavy pack pounded our defence but it stood strong eventually forcing an error. Hackney cleared their lines but it wasn't long before the opposition buoyed by an emerging confidence were battering our line again. Again the Gogs held strong but as the ball spun loose and forward from a ruck a Welwyn player grounded it and the try stood.

Despite some great individual performances from Travis, Sam Willoughby, Matthieu and Simon Ferguson the pack in the second half failed to develop a momentum. The game lacked any cohesion and this suited Welwyn who did well to spoil our rucking game and kept us pinned back with intelligent kicking. After another long period of uninspiring rugby Welwyn suddenly produced a clever switch move that completely wrong footed our defence allowing them a clear run at the line to put them in the lead.

Hackney fought back but they were rarely firing on all cylinders. We had players out of position across the park and debuts from three players so our attacking moves were sporadic. It was a tight game and still all to play for when Tim Cox slotted over a penalty to put the score within three points.

Welwyn once again would not allow us any momentum. They played a tight, stifling game that inexorably moved them up the pitch towards our line. Our endeavours to gain ground were soon snuffed out as the tussle began to go the oppositions way. They went over once again and a spirited fight back at the end was thwarted by the whistle. It wasn't to be our day but we eagerly await the return game back in the reassuringly sprawling mayhem that is Hackney.

MOTM: Matthieu: A great season so far, developing as a solid prop but also increasingly useful around the park.