Tries: Ryan Koay, Rob Baker, Mauricio Ribeiro, Sam Berkson, Matthieu Arneguy, Andy Owen, Nigel Beynon, Fran H-Strickland

Con: Shaun Rooke, Nelson Herbert

Pen: Shaun Rooke

The Gogs, although confident from their recent demolition of Fullerians, knew that East London would be a far tougher encounter. As the pre match warm up gathered pace there was inevitable talk about the strength of the opposition- how they'd put 50 points past most of their opposition this season. I must admit, I feared from the kick off, as the ball hung for an age high above the ten metre mark, (the work of their clearly capable fly half) that maybe last weeks success was a flash in the pan, just maybe all our hard work and endeavour at training would come to nothing, maybe our back line would disintegrate under pressure as we did against Chesham..

As the ball descended Sam Berkson, probably one of the shortest men on the field, stretched out, plucking the ball from the air before feeling the full weight of their chasing pack. Instantly he was supported and Hackney drove over the ruck. I had nothing to fear. Throughout the first half Hackney dominated at every break down. When tested the back line withstood any challenge.

The Gog's started to open up and enjoy the rugby. Fran, on his debut for the club cut majestic lines of running helped by the intelligent and assured performance of Shaun Rooke at fly half. In a desire to keep the ball alive their were some fabulous passages of play. Everybody played their part, in true Gog fashion.

There were outstanding performances by Nick Cartwright coming back from a long absence,
fearless in attack & brilliant on the jam ball , who teamed up with another new face, Michael Grimditch in the backrow causing havoc across the field, with his strong running leaving people hanging off him. Matt Burke came on for the injured Mauricio (who was poised for yet another great performance) making a very physical contribution to the game.

The distribution from the break down, aided by the presentation of clean ball, was excellent despite it being Nigel Benyon's first game at scrum half. His all round rugby skill were evident again this week, sniping from the back of the scrum, supporting in open play and scoring one of the seven tries.

Going into the second half Hackney, weakened by injury, notably Shaun Rooke, struggled to maintain their form. East London, always a side capable of doing damage, found some of our weaknesses. We did not react well to their kicking and chasing and we conceded possession in vunerable positions out wide due to panicky passing. They came back at us but it was reassuring to see that despite their new found confidence we still caused them problems in the second half.

Once again too many good performance to mention. Matthieu's pick and drive over try a particular joy to watch, a superb break from Sam Berkson tightened our grip on the game. Olivier's strong running and fierce competition in the rucks and mauls.

MOTM: This week goes to Ryan Koay; his strong confident running and support play both at flanker and wing summed up the day - and he's scored a belting try with a memorable side step round the 15.