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In September 2010, four friends decided to set up a ladies team at Hackney. Since then, we have grown both in strength and numbers to form a full side squad are are now playing in the Women's National Challenge SE 1 league this year. We've got a wide range of experience; from complete beginners to university stars with a number of coaches on hand developing our skills at all levels and, of course, our fitness! We also train occasionally with top coaches from the RFU. It's a club wide ethos that anybody and everybody is welcome, and this is certainly the case with the Hackney Gladies. Interested in joining? Fancy coming along to training and seeing if it suits you? Contact us using the Contact Us Page and we'll give you all the details.

Selection at Hackney RFC is informed by the club’s values of RESPECT, INCLUSION and COMMUNITY.
The aim of this policy is to balance selection of the strongest possible side with sustainable on-field success and the club’s values.
1. The Selection Sub-Committee, comprising the Coaching Team and Captains of each side, is responsible for selection at Hackney RFC.
2. Selection discussions will take place in an open and transparent manner between the members of the Selection Committee.
3. The relevant Coach and Captain will select each side, abiding by the selection criteria detailed below.
4. In instances where the Coach and Captain cannot agree the DoR’s opinion will be sought and the majority decision accepted.
Players will only be considered for selection if they are paid up members of the club or have played less than 5 matches.
Selection at Hackney RFC is based on ability, commitment and attitude.
Players who miss more than one league fixture should expect to start the following fixture in the side below, unless in exceptional circumstances and sanctioned by the DoR.
Players will not normally be considered for the 1 st XV until they’ve represented the club for one of the other sides.
Ability: The player will be able to perform the skills necessary to play in the selected position under pressure and at the level selected.
Commitment: Attendance at training and matches.
Attitude: The player will be respectful, positive, punctual, hard working and have a demonstrated desire to improve.

1. Players will be asked to complete the online availability system before Wednesday. Selection will be based on the online system.
2. The 1 st XV Coach and Captain will share a proposed squad on Wednesday morning.
3. The Selection Sub-Committee will discuss selection for the upcoming matches after Wednesday training.
4. Players who are dropped from a side will take a starting position in the side below.
5. Players dropped between sides will receive an email with feedback from the Coach or Captain who made the decision.
6. Final squads will be sent to the Club Captain on Thursday morning, no later than lunchtime on Thursday.
7. The squad announcement will be sent on Thursday afternoon, no later than the end of the day Thursday.
8. If a player withdraws from a squad after the squads have been announced the relevant Coach will be informed and will select a player from the side below, in conversation with the relevant Coach.
9. Players who have questions regarding selection should raise these with the relevant Coach or Captain. If they do not feel the Selection Policy has been applied fairly they should raise this with the Club Captain or DoR.