Rugby has been lost to our local community for many years, do we have an historic duty to bring it back to the forefront in Hackney? 

How many of us realise that Hackney & Highbury have been trailblazers for the union game for more than a century? 19 pioneering teams began their rugby stories in the Downs/ Highbury/ Clapton areas, with a further 12 associated with Victoria and Finsbury parks. Clissold Park was witness to Harlequins early home fixtures. Many of the clubs have been lost over time but some names still playing include Ravens, Merchant Taylor’s. St Vincent, Ivanhoe and Crusaders merged together over a period of two years to become better known as Saracens.  

Most relevant to our history is Upper Clapton who played for 9 seasons at Spring Hill, ironically using a boat house as changing rooms! Effectively Spring Hill has be used as a rugby base (on and off) for 132 years!

To answer the initial question, I believe that rugby helps build a community and we have a duty to carry this tradition along in the best possible way we can, allowing for changes in society and embracing them.