Posts for 12/2011

Respectful Rugby
Photo of Ben Scanlan

Ben Scanlan

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of going down to Harlequins for the day with Agboola ‘Jack’ Silverthorn and it was an eye opening experience in many ways. One of the key buzzwords around Quins is ‘respect’ and in their case it takes many different forms (and as a disclaimer, I’m a Leicester fan, so feel no compulsion to big up a club who have taken the Tigers rightful place at the summit of the league):

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So how special are we?
Photo of Fred Pentecost

Fred Pentecost

Rugby has been lost to our local community for many years, do we have an historic duty to bring it back to the forefront in Hackney? 

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Observing England's Newest Coach
Photo of Morgan Whitlock

Morgan Whitlock

A host of coaches gathered in Hatfield to watch Saracens youth section train recently, with England's own Andy Farrell acting as our guide. After a brief introduction we were taken down to the training field and watched an hour and a half of terrific coaching. Here are a few thoughts on what we saw, and how it could perhaps be applied to a club like ours, I've given it the sub-heading One Club, hopefully you can see why:

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