So what could possibly go wrong with a man known for the usage of profanities writing a blog about rugby. only time will tell!

There.s only one thing on the lips of most rugby followers, and no it.s not what the new 4th team will be called but .Rolland.. For the uninterested or those who were hungover on Saturday morning I refer to Allain Rolland (Irish but of French descent) the referee who took charge of Wales . France. In the 18th minute he decided that the Welsh captain, Sam Warburton, had committed a spear tackle on Vincent Clerc and should be banished for the rest of the game. Now, in my past (please note the tense) I have been critical, some may say heavily, of referees and there is an inclination to be so here. Warburton is only 22 and it.s the early stages of a World Cup semi-final, there wasn.t anything malicious in the tackle . these add to the potential for it being a yellow card. But do they?

Let.s say Warburton had been rucking and his hand had groped in somebody.s eye . would any of the mitigating factors have been voiced? Probably not. He may be 22, but he is captain of a professional rugby team and has been captain of various age groups from the age of 17. The fact adrenaline was running high due to the high profile match means there has been a clamour to say he has ruined the game . does the profile of the match not mean safety should be paramount and potentially dangerous play should be punished to discourage the kids who will try and replicate tomorrow?

The ITV team made themselves, and rugby generally, look rather silly and amateur on the big stage . why would the referee need to take into account the fact Wales have played good rugby and SW has been a key performer within that? If referees did, then England would regularly have been playing with less than 10 men due to their negative and unattractive tactics. Wales lost due to their inability to play clever rugby, and strangely, from the very man who symbolises that . Stephen Jones. One attempted drop goal would be howled at in training if made by a prop, and several times he looked to run when within a score, in the French 22. Surely his game, how he has made his name, is controlling the game and playing to win, rather than entertain?

Rolland made some shocking decisions . one Welsh three pointer should have been a scrum to France or play-on, whilst Halfpenny.s failed attempt from halfway would have given the French a platform to turn the screw if it were given as a straight arm to the blue team. Gatland should be pleased with the result . he has somebody outside of his control to blame, and can play at taking the moral highground while if they.d have won and faced the hosts next week, the potential to takeover from Ming the Merciless may well have been diminished. As it is, he may well not return to his temporary home.