Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was originally proposed by long-time player Ben Chamberlain. It was launched to conincide with the club's 50th aniversairy, with members of the 1st Mens XV the inaugrial inductees.

It is the highest honour for a club member, granted to those who we feel have significantly contributed through years of outstanding performances on the field or as an administrator off the field


The first Ever Griffins Team

Bob Paige

Alan Mansell

Alan Leader

Dennis Jarvis

Keith Jones

Peter Laverack

Ray Py

Jeckyll Jacobs

Nobby Jacobs

Keith Mayo

Eddie Caution

Peter Bland

Michael Wyatt

Pete Linwood

Jimmy Caution

Joe Jacobs

Dennis Salador


Jim Smith

Stan Jones

John Grimmer

George Noga

Simon Ferguson

Fred Pentecost

Roy Irwin

Howard Goss


Morgan Whitlock